Yellowstone National Park

Visit Yellowstone and experience the world's first national park. Marvel at a volcano's hidden power rising up in colorful hot springs, mudpots, and geysers. Explore mountains, forests, and lakes to watch wildlife and witness the drama of the natural world unfold. Discover the history that led to the conservation of our national treasures "for the benefit and enjoyment of the people."


Riley Lamers

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

You can hope all you want, you can pray all you want, but there WILL still be 5 feet of snow on the backpacking trails in May. We learned that the hard way on the Sky Rim and had to turn back. We instead spent more time at the main attractions in the park. It is truly a breathtaking place. Just don't be dumb and for goodness sake please respect the local geology and wildlife.

Doug Anderson

Thursday, March 2, 2017

There is so much to do in this park. And it's big. Try to spend several days here if you can. We only had a couple of days, so we did the highlights like old faithful and some of the other geysers and hot pools. You will be stopped on the road by bison at some point, and the speed limit is slow, so it will take time to get from place to place. Relax and enjoy your visit.

Tiffany S

Saturday, April 1, 2017

This National Park is just AMAZING ! Take at least a couple of days to get the chance to see the most beautiful features. Talk to the rangers, they have very interesting stories and facts to tell about the Park. I'd go back in a heartbeat if I could !

Phil Pecoraro

Monday, March 6, 2017

Fantastic place! Stayed at the historic Old Faithful Inn, and walked outside just as a bison family passed by. So much beauty, wildlife, geysers, and great things to see. Bring the kids

Simon Jones

Sunday, Feb. 19, 2017

Without doubt Yellowstone is a must visit for all budding adventurers and those interested in the geothermal and ecological aspects of the National Park. Yellowstone's diversity is what makes it appealing. One moment you can be admiring its geysers and hot springs the next you can be enchanted with its wildlife, such as its native bison. Access to and within Yellowstone National Park is limited depending on the seasons. In the winter, all roads aside from the one which enters from Gardiner, Montana, and extends to Cooke City, Montana, are closed to wheeled vehicles. Park roads are closed to wheeled vehicles from early November to mid April, but some park roads remain closed until mid-May. Private tours can be made by members of the public who wish to gain access to the National Park during such periods of limited road access to and within Yellowstone.