Ohiopyle State Park

124 Main Street

Located at the southern reaches of the Laurel Ridge, Ohiopyle State Park encompasses approximately 20,500 acres of rugged natural beauty and serves as the gateway to the Laurel Highlands. Close to major metropolitan areas and offering vast choices of activities, Ohiopyle State Park attracts millions of visitors annually.

Passing through the heart of the park, the rushing waters of the Youghiogheny [yawki-gay-nee] River Gorge are the centerpiece for Ohiopyle. The "Yough" [yawk] provides some of the best whitewater boating in the eastern United States, as well as spectacular scenery.

Ohiopyle is the southern gateway into the Laurel Highlands and represents the beautiful natural resources and unique sense of community that visitors can find throughout the region.


J Walls

Thursday, Dec. 21, 2017

One of my favorite places to visit! I've been twice. The first time was the town's festival. There were so many vendors from all over. It was fun meeting new people. The park is beautiful and there's tons of places to hike and bike! The main trail can be traveled to other cities. The park might not be for people scared of bridges/heights. Most of the trails near the water are connected by bridges high off of the ground. The town is nice and quaint. I LOVE getting jarred goods from there (the jalapeƱo raspberry jam is worth the drive). There's good food and a couple activities (bike rental, mini golf, etc) in the town as well.

jeffrey summers

Friday, Jan. 5, 2018

A wide range of trails to go hiking for all skill levels, bike trails, picnics and camping. There is a lot of parking all over near the river. Don't forget there is more than just the area down by the river to explore. There are a number of places to grab a bite to eat and the nature center can give you info.

Timmothy LaPlante

Friday, Dec. 15, 2017

I love this place. It has a great small town feel considering it's a big tourist attraction. There are beautiful views everywhere from camping, waterfalls, hiking and of course the river. I've been camping there multiple times and I'll definitely keep going there. The general store there has good food, free WiFi (which is great because if you have T-Mobile your signal is nonexistent) and plenty of other amenities in the area.

Gary-Alan Hopkins

Thursday, Nov. 23, 2017

Nestled in the mountains of southwest Pennsylvania Ohiopyle Star Park has plenty to offer anyone who loves the outdoors. The park has a wonderful waterfall, a little fast moving stream that people slide down in the summer, and kayak and whitewater rafting by professional guides. There is a small quaint town with a couple mom and pop general stores, a few restaurants, a local adventure photographer, and a small pro shop for some of your adventure needs. The also has beautiful scenery and trails for walking or biking abound. There is also at least one walking bridge that crosses over a gorge. I would highly recommend this park for a day-trip or weekend camping excursion with the family.

Kristi Russman

Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2018

Great place to enjoy a nice day! Kids love it and it's relaxing. Can ride bikes, play in the water, go down the slides, hike, play on the jungle gym, places to eat, or just get ice cream. Beautiful views!